Books and films

I watched that classic film ‘The African Queen’ with some friends recently and it got me thinking about the huge number and variety of books that have been the basis of films. Jane Eyre (of course), James Bond, Amadeus, Harry Potter, Schindler’s List and so on. I have seen a website which lists 1200 ‘books into films’ but there must be many more as that list didn’t include ‘The African Queen’!

Have you got a favourite book/film? Or is there a book you would love to see made into a film? Let us know!



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One Response to Books and films

  1. white fox says:

    I’ve just seen ‘Red Dog’ – both the film and the book are great. One of my favourite ever films is ‘Amadeus’ and to think I almost didn’t go to see it because I had enjoyed the stage play so much and didn’t want to be disappointed!

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