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Like to win a $100 Brays Voucher?

We are inviting you to tell us about a book you love in about 100 to 150 words. Just left click on the word comments below!

The author of the best entry received by Sept. 20th will win the $100 Brays Voucher and 5 runner-ups will receive a $20 Brays Voucher.

The winners will be announced on our blog on Monday Sept. 26th.


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2 Responses to Welcome to our new blog!

  1. (I feel like 150 words isn’t enough to explain how much this book means to me, and how much I treasure it!)

    I first read The Perks of Being a Wallflower when I was still in high school. I was miserable, and I remember going to a bookstore and picking up this book because of its cheerful lime-green cover. I’m so grateful that I bought it that day. The main character Charlie became a part of my life just as much as my friends were. He made me laugh and he made me cry. I found myself frustrated with him when he was being obtuse; other times his perseverance and bravery inspired me to be strong when I felt like my life was going to hell. It’s one of those books that breaks my heart and then pieces it back together all in one go.

  2. queenwilly says:

    My favourite book is The Wind in the Willows.
    Even though I am middle-aged, and adult reading experiences like Lolita and Great Expectations also spring to mind, this book from childhood calms my mind, brightens my spirit and seems to fit with whatever is happening in my life – good or bad, happy or sad.
    The characters are animals, living along a riverbank, that lead exciting, placid or exuberantly joyful lives, depending on their natures, and their simple adventures have timeless relevance.
    It is beautiful and heartwarming – and of course funny as well.

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